Technologies of Promotion in Social Networks: 5 examples of “right” content

Since the emergence of social platforms, the dynamics of their growth is rapidly accelerating and is moving along the path of increasing socialization. Undoubtedly, media platforms have become an integral part of everyday life, and it is quite obvious: the Internet space provides free access to information in which the user is involved in a global dialogue. The phenomenon of social sites has become so widespread that the effectiveness of this channel of communication was appreciated for the promotion of their projects by both large brands and small start-ups.

Among the variety of social platforms, the Russian market is dominated by: VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Classmates and Twitter. More than 80% of Russians use social services daily, spending an average of 2.5 hours on them, and the total audience of active site users in the Russian segment is more than 20 million. However, the widespread distribution of social platforms and the large number of users involved do not guarantee the effectiveness of your project. In this regard, the question becomes actual: what content is most productive in different types of social networks?

At the stage of creating a business strategy, brand expectations from content are primarily based on the specifics of social networks, which is why a small overview of the most popular sites should start with the features of their functionality.


Let’s start with the leader of the Runet – VKontakte . The main audience of the Russian project, despite the opinion of the relatively young age of users, is from 24 to 35 years, coverage of an active writing audience in January 2017 is 17,781,232, the monthly audience coverage is close to 100 million. The site is universal and practices a mixed type of content. Publications are not limited to text content, images, video or links, the post can be a poll, a selection of audio recordings, as well as an actual trend: video. Potential of live broadcasts was also appreciated by Facebook, Classmates, Instagram, Twitter.

The main source of information consumption by VKontakte users is news feed, less often – selection in thematic groups. Purpose: to receive diverse, entertaining, but informative content.

Consumers are most interested in the visual component, flipping the ribbon, it is the decisive factor for the transition to the link. It should be noted that the selection of VKontakte news is carried out not only on the relevant interests of subscribers, but also on the interests of their friends on the network, thereby expanding the reach of the audience.

The chain of stores “Red and White” – a vivid example of involving content. The trading network specializes in the sale of alcoholic beverages and food products. The reach of the audience is 659 429 subscribers. The brand actively uses a variety of techniques and actively interacts with the audience. A distinctive feature of the group: the use of infographics, lifhaks with mention of products and thematic surveys.

Separately, it should be said about live-video. The essence of the method is the ability to create content in real time. When it comes to attracting attention, “live video” can become a unique way to learn information. Broadcasting helps to increase customer loyalty to the brand, for users to see the product in person, viewing the broadcast, the perception process will be easier and more efficient.

Live video, as a rule, attract attention, which is why you can loudly announce the new product, showing the audience an exclusive.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is the annual fashion week in Moscow, it’s difficult to get to the event, tickets are not sold, but you can find the latest fashion news by including the broadcast on the official page of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia or Subscribing to the page “LIFE | News ».

Already in the first hour of the online broadcast of the 2nd day of the week of fashion, the number of viewers reached 897 people, in total 20,020 people saw it (taking into account the users who watched the broadcast after its completion).

The modern media community aspires to visual cognition through video and graphic information, the trend is that the most powerful tool has proved to be the simplest and most effective way to establish communication between the brand and the audience, as it is better to see 1 time than hear 100 times.



The users of the social site Facebook which is the second most popular in the Russian segment, are also seeking a visual way of getting information. The age of the audience of the site from 25 to 44 years old, actively writing audience in January 2017 was 1 219 157 people per month, the site comes to 1.59 billion users. Please note that the data are based on the general audience coverage. How much this number accounts for Russian users, it is difficult to say, since the social network is popular all over the world.

The strength of Facebook lies in representatives of professional areas, you can put forward the thesis that the audience of the popular site throughout its existence becomes “more mature.” Therefore, promotion of t-shirts with a pony image will be difficult, even if you decide to choose only Facebook as the main channel, it would be more logical to present the services of a designer of clothes and, as an example, t-shirts with a pony image. Another aspect of “right content” is to give users an insight into the benefits they can derive from subscribing to your page. The task of Facebook is not to entertain the audience, this is the case when it is necessary to narrow the topic and post information that gives a clear idea of the activities of your company and the field as a whole.

When talking about visualization, they are lazy and click on the link, users are much more willing when they see a “tenacious” image and a short textual accompaniment, the post should not contain long URLs and long textual signatures, the most successful publication contains a preview, image and 1 link .

In the official representation of the online store ASOS in Facebook 4 613 541 subscribers the brand is focused on a global audience, the site is visited by 16.6 million visitors a month. In each post on the page in the social network there is a link of the advertised products on the site, but the variations of the posts are diverse: current fashion trends, ready-made images, interviews and useful lifes.

Facebook users are attracted to the interactive: focus on discussions, discussions of the sphere you represent, and comments, interact with users and do not ignore any response to your brand, as H & M does.



Among the popular social media Instagram is undoubtedly a powerful tool for promotion, which once again confirms the concept of media transformation and displacement of verbal ways of transferring information to visual ones. The site was actively used in January 2017 4 656 991 authors, registered 15.87 million Russian users (data is taken into account attached to VKontakte accounts). The age group is not very unambiguous, the age of users varies from 11 to 35 years.

The “Instagram” feature is the ability to create content that can exist out of time or be deleted after 24 hours. The useful functionality of the network in addition to photo and video content: stories, a novelty of live video developers, as well as additional tools loved by users of the network, for example, third-party applications for creating looped video, slow or fast shooting, tools for optimizing stories, etc.

The very idea of the practice of visual content is not new, but its format becomes more adapted for a virtual network. Stories is a feature in Instagram, with which users combine their photos and videos into videos that do not “litter” the tape and disappear in a day, you can also save any part of the stories if the user does not want to lose it. Summarizing, short sessions can be a great way to increase the conversion of your account.

Place your bet on the uniqueness and ephemerality of history, practice unusual approaches: announcements of an advertising company, video calls, backstages.

Illustrator-freelancer from Sweden Mattias Adolfsson creates strikingly detailed illustrations. On his page in Instagram signed 90.1 thousand users. The artist post graphics, sketches, color illustrations, in general, all that he does, but “dilutes” the monotony of short stories and videos, showing users how to create a special kind of art.

It’s worth mentioning that in stories users can add links to the account, site developers also test active links to external sites.

Speaking of third-party applications, we note Boomerang: with its help you can shoot dynamic mini-video. When the video ends, it begins to repeat from end to end, but this does not affect the creative in any way.

The Russian brand “Wool & Mania” produces yarn and tools for knitting, subscribers of the brand 36,9 thousand people. Users are attracted by the “juicy content” of the page: the images combine the mention of the brand and the soft color gamut of the profile, there are no contrasts and images “not in the subject”, also “Wool & Mania” draws attention to video-lifhakami and comic short video again with the mention of the brand, Created with the help of Boomerang.


The fourth position among the most popular social media is occupied by Classmates . The target audience is a young generation of users from 24 to 35 years old, as well as a more age group of 35 years and older. The number of registered accounts is more than 51 million. Hence the conclusion that the site is also actively used by different age groups, as well as the aforementioned social media. The difference is that Odnoklassniki position themselves as an entertaining service, focusing on game content, video and photos.

The site is still used for personal communication, however, there is a tendency of greater susceptibility and interest in information “from outside.”

To get to the top posts and get the response “I like” in Odnoklassniki it is possible by the VKontakte principle, for the brands the site again becomes an opportunity to declare itself.

For example, the Moscow Tequila tattoo studio attracts 52,036 subscribers, for comparison, the audience of the studio in VKontakte is 28,437 people. The logical conclusion of the comparison is a good coverage of the studio audience in Classmates. The group publishes surveys, photos of works of masters, video, etc.


Closes the review of social media Runet Twitter . In February 2017, microblogging covered 640,556 active users. As an instrument of promotion in the Russian segment, it is not very effective. The situation should look at the other side: to retain and attract new users, microblogging can as an additional tool to support the brand.

The page in the microblog of online games Worldoftanks attracts 83, 3 readers, the Belarusian brand is widely known in Russia, Europe and America, in Twitter the content is very diverse and goes beyond the limitations of 140 characters.

Site developers also introduced innovations to increase the loyalty of users to brands and to more effectively collect information about customer needs and social interaction – “Customer feedback”. This innovation plays into the hands and allows you to use microblogging as a feedback on your project. Also, microblogging announced its integration with the service Periscope for video broadcasts, increasing the chances of Twitter to find its former popularity.


That in the end

The brand in the competitive environment makes the perception of consumers. Efficiency in the network directly depends on the use of competent content, as well as the tendency of figurative perception of information as a powerful push of social media users to the reaction, and, consequently, to the interest of your project.

“Right Content” is a tandem of constantly modernizing tools and a human factor.


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